Who We Are

Company Profile

Techno Associates Industries Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1984. We deal in fibres and fiber filled products.


After achieving laurels in India, the company aims to expand its boundaries across the world. We are focused on maintaining global quality standards and revolutionizing fibre and fibre filled products.
Keeping pace with the evolving markets and changing needs, we have been constantly improving technologies & resources to give us an edge in shaping products accordingly for Hotels, Industries and the sole customers.
We have the optimum experience in these products and right infrastructure for bringing comfort to every home.


ComfyPillo® is the pioneer brand name for quality home products that are made for utmost comfort.
Our home comfort product range consists of high quality Fibre Pillows, Bolsters, Sofa Cushions, Mattress Protectors, Quilts etc.
ComfyPillo® has been serving the market for more than 30 years as the brand Techno Associates Industries Ltd. which command a goodwill based on their consistent quality.


Pollywool® is a registered trademark of Techno Associates Industries Pvt. Ltd. It is a ready to use fibre. Pollywool® comes in a sheet form as compared to cotton which is in loose form. It is used as a replacement of cotton in quilts because of its properties of more warmness. It gives a proper and uniform shape to manufacture high grade quilts unlike cotton which forms lumps after initial months only. Since it is warmer than cotton, it gives proper comfort to the customer. It is quite affordable and easily washable. Pollywool® comes in variable sizes and weights of readymade sheets so it can be directly filled in the quilts.

Pollywool® adheres to world class quality standards to provide maximum comfort, durability and ease of use in a wide variety of applications like quilts & comforters, Pillows, Cushions, Bolsters, Insulated garments, mattresses, soft toys, furniture etc.